Traveler Safety Tips

Posted on July 25, 2012 7:00 am : Blog

Ask yourself these 10 questions when you’re staying at a hotel

1. Who’s at the door? Look first, and then open the door.

2. Returning Late? Use the main entrance to the hotel.

3. In for the night? Make sure to lock the hotel door.

4. Where is your hotel key? Keep it on you at all times.

5. Who knows your room number? Only allow you and your companions to know.

6. Are you an attention hog? Try to avoid displaying cash and jewelry.

7. Is he a stranger? Don’t ask strangers to join you in your room.

8. Where are your valuables? Hide them in the safety box provided by the hotel.

9. Could someone access your room? Lock windows and connecting doors.

10. Have you seen any suspicious activity? Contact the front desk.

Fire Extinguishers – Installation And Service

Posted on July 11, 2012 7:00 am : Blog, Safety and Prevention

Here are some tips from our ABCO service technicians about fire extinguisher installation and service. These tips might be useful to you as you complete your own in-house safety check. Contact us with any questions!

Tips on installing a fire extinguisher:

• Fire extinguishers shall not be obstructed or obscured from view. Place in full view.

• All fire extinguishers shall be properly mounted and hung with proper manufacturer’s wall hook.

• Install fire extinguishers having a gross weight not exceeding 40 lbs., so that the top of the fire extinguisher is not more than five (5′) feet above the floor.

• Fire extinguishers having a gross weight greater than 40 lbs., shall be installed so the top of the fire extinguisher is not more than three and a half feet(3.5′) above the floor.

• In no case shall the clearance between the bottom of the fire extinguisher and the floor be less than four (4″) inches.

Tips on ABCO’s fire extinguisher services:

• Remove the fire extinguisher from the wall hook.

• Dust and/or clean the fire extinguisher.

• Replace the safety seal and check the pull pin for corrosion and ease of removal.

• Check the nomenclature label for gross weight, then scale the fire extinguisher, and invert to fluff the chemical (dry chemical extinguishers only).

• Examine the fire extinguisher for obvious physical damage, corrosion, leakage, remove nozzle, and check for any blockage.

• Verify the pressure gauge and reading or indicator in operable range or position.

• Check all fire extinguishers for six year maintenance and/or last hydrostatic testing date, whichever is applicable.

• Return the fire extinguisher to its wall hook and re-tag with new annual inspection tag facing forward with technician’s initials.

Contact us at 1-800-875-7200 with questions and talk to one of our service/support personnel about your fire extinguishers.

ABCO provides fire safety products that protect life and property.


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