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Posted on by Alex at ABCO

News Anchors Keep Talking as Studio May Be Burning

An Oklahoma City TV station became the focus of news stories nationwide last summer after its fire alarm went off during a live broadcast. The sound of the fire alarm wasn’t exactly newsworthy, and no, the set wasn’t dramatically engulfed in flames. What made the story interesting was the fact that no one knew what more »

Posted on by Alex at ABCO

Twisting In the Wind

As the cost of wind turbine fires soars, fire protection measures remain optional, and consensus on the problem eludes the industry. Wind turbines are impressive structures. At times towering over 300’ tall, their blades measure over 100’ long apiece and the tips of those spinning blades can reach speeds of 180 miles per hour. These more »

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Extinguisher Fail Live on Good Morning America

Last week, ABC’s Good Morning America ran a great piece about home fire extinguisher safety. The segment focused on checking home fire extinguishers to make sure they are charged and within an acceptable date range—all solid advice. However, when reporter Gio Benitez tried to demonstrate how to put out a fire by remembering the acronym more »

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Safe Growth in Mission Critical Data Centers

Data centers have seen massive growth over the past several years, and continue to experience exceptional demand. According to real estate firm North American Data Centers, the demand for data center space currently outpaces supply in many key areas. In fact, the global rush to cloud computing and data colocation has been so massive that more »

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ABCO’s Alyson Nahrup Featured in Sprinkler Age

Adaptability, Passion for Knowledge Her Advice for Women in Construction Over the past eleven years, Alyson Nahrup has made a name for herself in the fire protection industry. As the accounting controller of ABCO’s Installation Division, she holds a position of responsibility and respect within our organization, and has a track record of proven dedication more »

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