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Posted on by Greg Palya

How to Get Your Kitchen Grease Cleaning Cost Reduced

  Dang, tomorrow’s that quarterly appointment with the local grease cleaning service company. Now I have to either come in early, or stay late (yey!), and handover a few hundred bucks for them to clean my kitchen hoods. Isn’t there a way to eliminate them coming in altogether? While we can’t eliminate a visit 100%, more »

Posted on by Greg Palya

5 Ways to Determine the Best Fire Protection Company

  Before I took this job, I asked building managers at certain facilities “how did you come to a conclusion to use XXXXXXX Fire Protection Company?” The usual responses were: They were in my service area and they returned a competitive quote We’ve been using XXXXXXX Fire Protection Company forever (even before they started working more »

Posted on by Greg Palya

The Best Way to Reduce Your Hood Cleaning Costs

  You already know that the best way to reduce your hood cleaning costs is to eliminate the amount of cleanings. Sure, you can clean your hoods yourself, but how much time will that involve? Will the cleanings be NFPA-approved? Can you ensure that you’ve cleaned everything…and not missed something? Certainly there are many financial more »

Posted on by Greg Palya

How to Perform a Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection

  So I’ve purchased my fire extinguishers for my company…now I can just sit back and relax until my licensed fire protection company comes next year for inspection? Well you can, but damage accumulates after every use, every time the extinguisher gets moved, and it gets damaged from everyday tasks that happen around the extinguisher. more »

Posted on by Greg Palya

How to Stay Safe and Prevent a Home Fire Checklist

  Each year, 2500 people in the United States lose their life in a residential home fire! The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that this number can be reduced by 50% if each resident had just ONE working smoke detector. So before you view the checklist on how to stay safe to prevent a home fire, please more »