4 Quick Benefits of the CleanGuard Fire Extinguisher

Posted on by Greg Palya

data or server room on fire


There is nothing quite like a fire that happens in an electrical area to make building managers equal parts confused and frightened. Confused because you wonder “how the heck could this happen?” Frightened because of potentially permanent damage and unavoidable business interruption.

That being said, there are a number of options to keep your electrical areas as safe as possible when it comes to fire protection. Today, we’re going to talk about one option, the Ansul CleanGuard Fire Extinguisher:

4 Quick Benefits of the CleanGuard Fire Extinguisher

1. Specialized for Electronics

The no doubt, no brainer, #1 benefit is that the CleanGuard Fire Extinguisher can save you millions of dollars in lost electrical equipment. Data rooms and server rooms also hold data that will be permanently lost in case of fire.

You must ask yourself the question “What’s the overall cost in replacing equipment, losing data permanently, and overall business interruption?”

Chances are that a fire extinguisher is cheaper.

That being said, the CleanGuard is electrically non-conductive, so there’s no risk of electricity traveling up the liquid agent, shocking the person holding the extinguisher.

There is also zero thermal shock damage. Other extinguishing agents made for electronics (most popular is CO2) are released at a very low temperature, thus thermal shocking electronics, rendering them damaged.

Other forms of electronic fire protection agents, including water, foam, and dry chemical, will damage electronic equipment, resulting in expensive replacements and downtime.


2. No Residue, No Clean-Up

The CleanGuard discharges as a liquid and flashes as a gas, thus leaving zero residue behind. The key difference between the CleanGuard (FE-36), and other suppression agents, is that other suppressing agents will leave you with a long clean-up time.

Imagine running around your house and tossing an open bag of flour around. That’s what you’ll have to clean-up if you use an alternative dry chemical fire extinguisher.



3. Environmentally-Friendly

The CleanGuard Fire Extinguisher is filled with FE-36, which has been accepted by the EPA for commercial, industrial and military use under the EPA’s SNAP program. FE-36 has zero Ozone Depletion Potential and is NOT scheduled for phase-out by the Montreal Protocol.

NOTE: There’s a continuous effort for any and all types of matter to be environmentally-friendly. If you choose an option that’s not friendly, it can be at risk for a phase-out in the future.


4. Effective Discharge Range

Since the CleanGuard discharges as a liquid, it has an extended usage range of 16 feet. Compare this to the range of a typical fire extinguisher, which is suggested to use from 8-12 feet.

You never know if you have an electrical fire behind or under multiple levels of servers, computers or other larger machinery. Every extra foot of discharge can come in handy.



If you need one final mark to say that the CleanGuard is a great fire extinguishing option for electrical fires, it’s important to know that it’s also UL and ULC listed.

If you’d like to see a video about the CleanGuard Fire Extinguisher in action, suppressing a computer, ANSUL has a demo video that you can watch.

If you’d like to ask questions about the price, and/or the different sizes of extinguishers, please fill out the form on our contact page and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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