4 Reasons Why Mesh Radio Is the Best Fire Monitoring Technology

Posted on by Greg Palya

ABCO Radio Mesh Technology

So you purchased a fire alarm monitoring system to keep the doors open…awesome! Now that you’re set, you can concentrate on more important factors such as: payroll, profit margin, ROI, and many, many others.


What was supposed to be a set it and forget it (and hopefully a never have to use it) legal application, you have probably ran into multiple problems with your fire alarm monitoring system.

Enter radio mesh technology. Here are the 4 reasons why radio mesh technology is more reliable and more cost-effective.

Why Radio Mesh is the Best Fire Monitoring Technology

1) You Can Eliminate Your Phone Line

Radio mesh works through the radio, so there’s no need for a phone line. With companies purchasing extra lines for fire alarm monitoring, there can be substantial savings going with radio mesh. Throw in a data package, and you’re talking an extra hundreds of dollars a month.

2) You Can Increase Network Reliability

Ever been woken up at 4am because your alarm monitoring system signal was lost? Well now, rest assured, you won’t be in the same position ever again. Radio is more reliable than standard phone lines, cellular monitoring, and IP monitoring.

Phone lines, cell phones and IP monitoring work on a one to one basis, whereas radio gives the monitor flexibility to reach, and be reached, by multiple talk groups…therefore eliminating error messages when the signal is lost to a single host.

In fact, AES says that their radio mesh technology can communicate with up to 8 different radio outlets, therefore providing reliable communication when it matters most…during emergencies.

3) You Don’t Have Any Upfront Purchasing

How much was that cell phone when it was new? Or, how much was the cable line to install? Probably not a lot, but still a cost you didn’t want to spend. With radio mesh technology; there is no upfront costing, simple as that.

4) You Can Eliminate Being Outdated by Technology

Mesh radio is over 40 years old…and is still performing better than its more technological competitors.

In case you were wondering, there are “sunsets” associated with cell phones and technology. In a few years, 3G will become “sunset” or “obsolete”, so with every changing technology, there’s pricey equipment that’ll come along with it.

Here’s a Wireless Communications Technology Sunset Timeline:

AES Radio Mesh Sunset Chart

So regardless of the newest telecommunication technologies, your radio mesh fire monitoring system will always have superior service.


I know change is hard, but when there are so many benefits, how can one justify any alternatives. Radio mesh is no doubt older technology, but when that’s all you need to be legal, safe, and cost-effective, who needs anything else.

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