3 of the Best Ways to Locate a Hood Cleaning Company

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3 of the best ways to locate a hood cleaning company


When you’re trying to find a solution to a problem, there’s usually always an answer. However, I attended the Ohio Restaurant Association’s Mid-America Restaurant Expo in Columbus this week, and the program director pulled me to the side.

She said “Greg, I get calls all the time about people who can’t find kitchen hood cleaning.” She exclaimed “that no one wants to do it anymore.”

I did some research on my own as to why this is the case. I mean, can’t someone just Google “hood cleaning near me” and a list will come up?

The truth is, there are a few issues with locating a kitchen hood cleaning company, let’s dig in:

3 of the Best Ways to Locate a Hood Cleaning Company

1) Using the right keywords in Google Search

Here’s what comes up when you search “hood cleaning near me” in Google: (Note: I’m in Cleveland, OH)

searching Google for hood cleaning near me



Here are the issues I see with the search results:

Search Result #1 – Restaurant Duct Cleaning – the Google paid ad is the most relevant as it says ‘kitchen exhaust cleaning”, and “hood & grease duct cleaning”. But what’s fishy is the URL is environmatic.mydex.com. It just screams “spammy” to me. Another issue is the 855 area code for the phone number. The area code for Cleveland is 216, but other numbers that are relevant are 330 or 440…which 855 is neither.

Search Result #2 – Action Hood Cleaning LLC – the first local search result is ok. It has the 216 area code and it says “hood cleaning”. The only problem I see with this company, is that there are zero reviews. Are they any good? Are they shady? I really have no idea. If I’m going to have someone come into my restaurant at 3am when I’m not there, I need some sort of trust in them…don’t I?

Search Result #3/4 – ServiceMaster – I bunched these together because they have the same issues. It says they are a Carpet Cleaning Service. Done deal. Not even close to kitchen hood cleaning!

So why is Google not satisfying us with relevant search results?

The answer is that Google is only so smart (yes, very smart) but if you tweak your search, you will get WAY better results.

Let’s try “kitchen fire safety cleaning near me”:

google search results for kitchen fire safety cleaning near me

You can see the first result looks like “fire restoration”, no good. However, the first local search result checks everything off my list.

But the meta description (second arrow), pretty much has me sold on solving my problem.

ANALYSIS: the reason people can’t find hood cleaning companies off a Google search is because they’re not searching for the right keywords. Usually (like 99%) of the time, Google will understand a searchers intent, but for some reason, the results are a little flawed.

2)  Do NOT trust websites that make you give an email in exchange for results.

I’m talking about the first non-paid, non-local search result for “hood cleaning near me”:

google result showing the 10 best hood cleaning services near me

The 10 Best Hood Cleaning Services Near Me (with Free Estimates) – this sounds exactly like what I need. But, after clicking on the link, I found out it asks you 10-15 questions about what kind of hood cleaning services you are looking for: Where do you need the hood cleaner? How big is your restaurant? Etc…

screenshot of thumbtack search about hood cleaning

The worst part is that at the end of answering all these questions; you need to submit an email to get the results. Really!!! Why can’t you just give them too me? I do marketing for a living; I know what happens when you submit your email.

ANALYSIS: Maybe the results will help you, maybe they won’t, but you shouldn’t have to give up anything to get a simple answer.

3) Ask your restaurant neighbor!

Your restaurant neighbor has to abide by the same fire codes as you do, so at one point or another, they evaluated who they wanted to use as a hood cleaner, and then chose one.

You can save yourself valuable time from having to research multiple companies, collecting quotes, scheduling site visits, etc.

Most likely, they have been using the same hood cleaner for a long time, have developed a great relationship, and would not hesitate to pass them a great lead.



When searching the internet for a problem, “sometimes” irrelevant searches come up. The advice I give you is that when irrelevant searches come up, try something else. Try synonyms or words that are related to the one you really want to search for.

Remember, there are bad websites out there trying to collect information, and they make it a complete hassle to answer a simple question. If it’s seems too difficult, exit and try a different search.

And if nothing else, you can always ask a friend or neighbor “Who do you use” and you’ll get an honest answer.

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