Are you ready for Fire Prevention Week? Start by getting your Backflow Preventer serviced by ABCO!

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Don’t get behind on your Backflow Service. Let ABCO ensure there is no interruption in your water service.

Contact ABCO today to schedule your annual Backflow Service!

Every residence with an irrigation (sprinkler) system and every commercial building are required to have a backflow preventer to protect the public water system from contamination in the event of a potential backflow situation.Backflow is the undesirable reversal flow of water in a pipeline that could draw contaminates and pollution into the drinking water system. When the drinking water system is connected to anything that could cause impurities to enter back into the drinking water, it’s required to be protected by a Backflow Assembly. The EPA requires these devices to be tested annually.

ABCO can test, install, service and repair all makes and models of backflow assemblies. ABCO provides backflow service to residential and commercial customers.

The ABCO Fire Annual Maintenance Program:

  • Examine Device for deficiencies and impairments
  • Verify proper operation of device shut off valve
  • Verify proper operation of device check valves
  • Verify proper operation of device relief valve (if applicable)
  • Exercise and lubricate as needed all valves
  • Report test results to owner’s representative / water authority

DOWNLOAD our Testing and Inspection Scope of Work Document to learn more.

FEATURED BACKFLOW STORY: One woman’s smelly situation could become a problem inside your home or business….read this story with a warning of sewage explosion! READ HERE

Contact an ABCO representative for more information about our annual maintenance program and save!  800.875.7200

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What is ABCO’s Special Ingredient for Building Customer Loyalty?

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This week at ABCO we celebrate over 39 years of “Keeping Our Customers Safe”.
There are many special ingredients that go into building a World Class Customer Service organization, as well as customer loyalty.

Learn Allen Walker’s #1 Tip for building customer loyalty and gaining lifetime customers!

ABCO’s Secret to Customer Service

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Join ABCO in celebrating Customer Service Week! In 2013, ABCO joined an elite group of Leading EDGE honorees, along with being awarded the World Class Customer Service Award by Smart Business. Please join our TEAM as we honor the commitment to customer service and also represent the recognition from our customers. This will be an ongoing reminder to all of us at ABCO – 365 days a year to continue the good work!

Campus Fire Safety 101

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With many colleges and universities returning to school, it is important to remember the growing incidents of fire-related emergencies on campus. There can be several causes for fires but most are due to a general lack of knowledge of fire safety and prevention.

The USFA reports that many cases where fire fatalities occurred on college campuses, alcohol was a factor. There is a strong link between alcohol and fire deaths. In more than 50% of adult fire fatalities, victims were under the influence at the time of the fire. Alcohol abuse often impairs judgment and hampers evacuation efforts. Cooking is the leading cause of fire injuries on college campuses, closely followed by careless smoking and arson.

The following are some of the factors of fires in dormitories and off-campus housing:

  • Improper use of 911 notification systems delays emergency response.
  • Student apathy is prevalent. Many are unaware that fire is a risk or threat in the environment.
  • Evacuation efforts are hindered since fire alarms are often ignored.
  • Building evacuations are delayed due to lack of preparation and preplanning.
  • Vandalized and improperly maintained smoke alarms and fire alarm systems inhibit early detection of fires.
  •  Misuse of cooking appliances, overloaded electrical circuits and extension cords increase the risk of fires.

NIFAST is a national company comprised of certified fire safety professionals, founded and operated by fire safety industry leaders.

To schedule a demo of the NIFAST FLASHPOINT program, email Live Safe at Learn more about the NIFAST FLASHPOINT program by visiting

Live Safe Foundation is an Ohio based non-profit organization (501c3), devoted to making and fire and life safety education, awareness initiatives and life saving tools available on a broad basis to communities, campuses, and institutions in an effort to reduce national fire fatalities and fire losses.

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Is Your Halon Fire Suppression System Outdated?

You may already know that your outdated Halon fire suppression system is a potential environmental hazard. But are you aware of the economic arguments that may justify changing to a new clean agent system? 

Here are some helpful links from Minimax highlighting the benefit of replacing old Halon 1301 systems with Minimax High Pressure MX 1230 (NOVEC 1230) system.  In some cases, ABCO is actually able to re-use most, if not all the old Halon piping network, which will save our customer thousands in project costs.  Minimax is the only manufacturer we represent that has this system UL listed.

  • The Halon Replacement Brochure is a quick overview of MX 1230 advantages and cost-saving potential, and features a graphic representation of a typical system.
  • The Halon Replacement White Paper summarizes the environmental dangers and business risks associated with Halon, features a more detailed presentation of Minimax system benefits, and ends with a technical analysis of how higher pressures make an optimized agent delivery system possible.
  • Read the Minimax’s whitepaper on the cost-benefit advantages of replacing Halon with 725 PSI MX 1230 Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems.

Contact an ABCO representative to learn more about FM-200 Clean Agent Fire Protection and save!

Don’t miss out on our September Training!

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” – Socrates

NIFAST TRAIN-THE-TRAINER COURSE featuring our LASER-Driven Bullex Fire Extinguisher Training:

ABCO Fire Protection is conducting a “Fire Extinguisher TRAIN-THE-TRAINER” course on Friday, September 5th, 2014 provided by our fire training partner, NIFAST, at ABCO’s Training Center in Port Clinton, Ohio.

Course Description:

Fire Extinguisher TRAIN-THE-TRAINER

This is an extensive one-day course that certifies the student as a fire instructor for 3 years. The course educates and certifies personnel to provide fire training. This course model covers material provided in a typical two-day session, but is condensed into one-day, 10 hour session.

The curriculum includes: Train-the Trainer lesson plans, power point programs, classroom and hands-on training, evaluations, as well as lunch provided at our indoor training facility.  You will leave “trainer ready” to teach annual Fire Extinguisher training to the employees at your facility.

ABCO training also features a training digital workplace fire safety training with our laser-driven BullEx extinguisher training. Bullex Extinguisher Training is convenient and clean… from the Conference Room to the Shop Floor!

COST: $800.00 Per Student, pre-register by August 22nd, 2014 and SAVE$200 off the class price!

DATE: September 5, 2014  

LOCATION: ABCO’s Port Clinton Facility: 4125 E. Kirk Road, Suite 5, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452

For more information & pricing, call Patti Aquino at #216-214-4104.

For more information on ABCO’s Fire Training program, download our brochure.

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