Fire Sprinkler Systems


Properly installed and maintained fire sprinklers are successful at reducing fire casualties and property damage. ABCO can design, install, repair, service and inspect a wide variety of fire sprinkler systems. Each system and environment is unique and we are committed to provide you with the quality service you can trust.

Sprinkler Service:

  • Visual Inspection of Alarm Valve, Piping, and Heads
  • Log System Static Pressure
  • Log System Residual Pressure
  • Conduct System Main Drain Test
  • Conduct System Inspectors Drain Test
  • Verify System Alarm Signals (Flow Switch or Pressure Switch)
  • Verify System Supervisory Signals (Tamper Switches)
  • Verify System Trouble Signals (Low Air, Closed Valve, Etc.)
  • Operate System Control Valves (P.I.V., W.I.V., Etc.)

Additional Services:

  • Compressor Maintenance
  • Alarm Valve Internal Inspection
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Fire Hose Inspection and Testing
  • Fire Pumps and Controllers

We distribute and offer a variety of designs and manufacturers of Wet, Dry, Deluge/Preaction and Foam Fire sprinkler systems.

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