Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety

Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety Solutions from ABCO Fire

Restaurants, Cafeterias, Food Trucks: whether their napkins are paper towels or pressed linen, commercial kitchen operators place their trust in our tag when it comes to fire safety.

Fire safety in a commercial kitchen encompasses everything from cleanliness, to employee training, to how cooking appliances are arranged. Thankfully, ABCO’s experts are equipped with the knowledge to keep every cooking operation safe. We hold distributorships for all major hood fire suppression systems, ensuring the materials and training needed to service your equipment are readily available. Plus, our service-forward hood cleaning team and partnership with WoolGuard Hood Filters allows you to save money while keeping your hoods cleaner and your facility safer.

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UL 300 Fire Suppression Systems for Restaurant Kitchens
Is your restaurant at risk? Learn about hood fire suppression systems, why they’re important, and how keeping an older fire system in service may be costing you money.

What if you could keep your hood cleaner without the hood cleaner? WoolGuard Hood Filters use all natural wool to capture up to 98% of airborne grease and keep your exhaust system clean.

ABCO Fire Protection provides commercial hood and exhaust cleaning
How do you know it’s really clean? We show you! Our pressure-washing teams clean exhaust systems to bare metal as required by NFPA, and send you before-and-after photos to prove it.