Insights About Two Fire Safety Products on Shark Tank

Posted on by Greg Palya

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Everyone has their favorite shows on TV. Be it sports, drama, comedy, everyone is entertained differently.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sports (especially being in Cleveland and LeBron is on every other night), but my favorite show is Shark Tank.

What’s really entertaining is when your favorite TV show crosses paths with your career. That’s exactly what happened the other night when a kitchen fire safety product was on Shark Tank.

Working in the fire protection industry, I’m always trying to stay on top of fire safety news. But when a new kitchen fire safety product appeared on Shark Tank, my ears perked up.


Product = The Inirv React

On Shark Tank = 1/7/18

Description = The Inirv React is a smart knob you place on your kitchen stove that will detect smoke, gas, or inactivity of 15 minutes. When the Inirv React detects these fire triggers, it will automatically turn your stove knobs to the off position. The knob is also controlled with an app, so that the user can control the stove power while away from the kitchen.

How it works = The user replaces the standard stove knob with the Inirv React knob. The user also installs an Inirv React sensor on the ceiling above the stove. The knob is automatically programmed to turn off when the sensor detects smoke, gas, or inactivity for 15 minutes.

How it affects the fire protection industry = Fire protection companies installing fire sprinkler systems and special hazard fire suppression systems need to be aware of the Internet of Things (IoT) movement. Instead of simply spraying fire suppression agents in the area of smoke, why not automatically sync to the power source of the “thing” producing the smoke. Electrical outlets are no different. Why not cut power upon an alarm/sensor receiving fire ignition signals? Producing a “smart knob” is just the start. We could see smart electrical outlets, smart gas tanks in vehicles, smart ovens, toasters, etc.


After seeing The Inirv React on Shark Tank, it reminded me of another fire safety product that appeared on the show before I was working in the fire protection industry:


Product = FireAvert

On Shark Tank = 4/24/16

Description = The FireAvert is a device you place in-between your stove and your electrical outlet. Upon hearing a smoke detector, the FireAvert will cut off power that was going to your stove.

How it works = The FireAvert syncs with your smoke detector sound to initiate power shut off when hearing the sound.

How it affects the fire protection industry = I’m not sure of the technology, but maybe this device can be the “middleman” of anything that’s electrical? Or just insert the FireAvert into outlets where you would want the power to be cut off?



Both products have been invented to stop fires before flames are ever produced. If fire protection companies are going to sell fire extinguishers, and other fire suppression systems that put out fires AFTER there are flames, an industry is subject to interruption.

What’s your take on the subject? I’d love to hear your opinion on these products and/or how it affects the future of fire protection.

Thanks for reading!

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