Continuing Education

The ABCO Fire Installation Division offers a monthly Continuing Education Series, open to all ABCO employees and outside participants (by request). The program helps the ABCO field technicians expand and improve their technical abilities by providing lessons taught by subject matter experts on topics that frequently pose challenges during inspections, installations, and repairs. Administrative, operations, sales staff and outside participants are also welcome to participate in these lessons to expand their technical insight into our business.

Each month the Continuing Education class will take place at one of ABCO’s offices, and will also be available as a Go-To-Meeting Webinar for those who are not close enough to attend in person. A link to the webinar will be distributed with the meeting invite, and employees and participants can log-in to view the class live as it happens.

Whether in person or via Go-To-Meeting, we hope to see many of you there!

For more information on ABCO’s Continuing Education Series, please contact:

Alex Garrote
Restaurant Suppression Installation Manager 

Office: #800-875-7200