How to Get Rid of Kitchen Grease on Your Rooftop

Posted on by Greg Palya

Fire Technician cleaning grease off a rooftop

Kitchen grease is nasty! Grease enters through your baffle filters, goes into your ductwork, lands onto your fans, and eventually accumulates on your rooftop.

The solution? Schedule more hood cleanings with a qualified fire protection company?

A fire protection company will include rooftop cleaning as part of the grease management process, but for restaurants that cook at high volumes, a tremendous amount of grease is being produced daily that’s traveling through your system.

In short time, your roof will have grease on it again.

So, how do you get rid of grease from landing on your rooftop? The answer is to stop the grease from entering your system.

Casa Las Palmas, a Mexican-restaurant in Port Clinton, OH, had an issue with its property manager about grease accumulating on the roof. The roof is slanted, and is easily seen by the public.

With kitchen grease making the property look like a haunted house, instead of a quality restaurant, the property owner demanded the grease be removed.

Casa Las Palmas called its local fire protection company, ABCO Fire Protection, described the problem, and ABCO had a solution:

Get rid of the kitchen grease before it enters your hood system!

A regular, 1046 metal baffle filter will only capture about 18% of kitchen grease, allowing 82% to run freely into your system, with a considerable amount landing on your rooftop.

ABCO explained that Shepherd Filters, a baffle filter/patented Australian Wool combo, will block 98% of grease from entering your kitchen hood system.

Other benefits of Shepherd Filters are:

  • Increase in safety. No grease, no fires
  • Save money with less frequent hood cleanings
  • Save money with no cleaning equipment needed (water, chemicals, dishwasher expense)
  • Save money with less labor costs (just replace filters, that’s it)

And that solved Casa Las Palmas’s problem. Here is a letter of recommendation from the Co-owner of Casa Las Palmas explaining the problem and solution:

Casa Las Palmas recommendation letter for Shepherd Filters


For most issues, the solution is to stop the problem before it ever begins. As we can see, that’s the only solution to prevent kitchen grease from accumulating on your rooftop.

If you have any questions about the Shepherd Filters, please reach out to us to see if replacing your 1046 metal baffle filters makes sense. Some kitchens with a very low volume of cooking, it’s more cost-effective to keep your system and standard hood cleanings the same.

For most, especially with high volume cooking, the Shepherd Filter is a safer, cheaper alternative to traditional hood cleaning.

And your roof will always be clean!

Lastly, here’s a quick video showing how easy it is to install/replace the Shepherd Filter, enjoy!



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