How to Change-Out a Shepherd Filter

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If you operate a kitchen, and you’re curious into alternatives for traditional hood cleaning, this guide below will introduce you to a new method! Using Shepherd Filters.


Shepherd Filters, for those that don’t know, are filters that you insert in your kitchen hood system, that captures kitchen grease before it enters the hood system. Removing the filters on a recommended schedule is cheaper and safer than traditional hood cleaning. The cost savings occur because you can reduce hood cleanings by as much as 75%. So, instead of quarterly hood cleanings, Shepherd Filters can most likely reduce your cleanings to once a year.

But, the cost savings doesn’t come without a little work.

Today, we’ll go through the 7 steps involved with changing-out a Shepherd Filter:


STEP #1 – Removing the Dirty Filter


Depending on your cooking volume, the clean filter will transform into a grease-filled dirty filter. The first step is to grab a ladder and pull each filter down.

ADVICE: Our filter expert, Steve Smith, recommends using a ladder and physically grabbing the filters instead of using a removal tool, which has a high percentage of dropping the filter.


STEP #2 – Separate Filter Components

There will be extra Shepherd Filter material extending outside of the frame. Grab the excess wool filter material, and then with your other hand, grab the handle of the frame.


STEP #3 – Removing Frame Cover

Pull your hands apart so you can separate the cover from the frame.


STEP #4 – Dispose Dirty Filter

Pull back the soiled filter and remove completely from the frame.

ADVICE: Now you can use the dirty filter to wipe down the perimeter of the frame (which may or may not have a small amount of grease on it). The excess filter portion should be clean, so you can use that section as a rag. Once you’re done wiping the perimeter, dispose of the dirty filter in a normal trash receptor.


STEP #5 – Replace Filter

Grab a new filter and place it over the metal baffle filter. Make sure the wool filter is hanging off evenly on every corner.


STEP #6 – Re-install Cover

Snap the cover back onto the frame the same way it was before. If you forget which way the frame goes on, remember to lineup the inner nipples and dimples, which will lock into place. There are only two ways to insert the cover, so if one way doesn’t lock in correctly, turn the frame 90 degrees and try it again.


STEP #7 – Place Back into Hood

Put the clean unit back into the hood. Done deal!



Above are the steps to easily change-out your Shepherd Filter panels. If you’d like to watch a video on the above steps being done, please do so.

If you’d like a printable PDF, please click below. Thanks!

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