5 Insights into Fire Training for Your Employees

Posted on by Greg Schoenbaechler

fire training for employees at ABCO


Today, I interviewed Terry Flanagan, Director of Fire Training.

Together, we discussed fire training for companies and their employees.

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What are employees going to learn during your fire training?

“We’ll teach you the A to Z’s of fire training. We’ll teach you:

  • What causes a fire?
  • What are the different classes of fire?
  • What fire suppressing agents should you have at your workplace?

We will also go through the three basic “Do’s” that you must perform to be successful in extinguishing a fire.

We will also go through the three basic “Don’t’s” that you should never allow to happen in regards to fire protection.

We will go through the most important word in fire training: “PASS”. This will show your employees how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

Finally, we will talk about fire plans specifically for your building…which is an OSHA requirement.”


What fire training options do companies have?

“There are several different fire training options.

The first is simulator training. We will do a classroom presentation where everyone will be required to successfully extinguisher a simulated fire.

bullex fire simulator used for employee fire training


We also do live fire training as well, where a controlled fire will be present and all the participants will need to extinguish the fire.

ABCO Fire Protection providing live fire training


We also offer a “train-the-trainer” program, designed for larger companies, where a few employees will be certified as a fire trainers. These certified individuals can then train the rest of your employees.

This course is 9 hours long and will include:

  • Lesson plans
  • Classroom fire training
  • Hands-on fire training
  • Evaluations
  • Lunch

Those who complete the “train-the-trainer” program will be certified as a fire instructor for 3 years. They will be able to provide classroom and live fire training to your fellow employees.


Why do companies need to do fire training, and how often?

“According to OSHA standards 1910.157, training needs to occur upon employment, and every following year.

Companies need fire training to not only stay compliant with local authorities, but if you expect your employees to properly use a fire extinguisher, they need to be continually familiar with fire training basics and need to demonstrate the ability to do so.

All of ABCO Fire Training is OSHA compliant. “


How long does the fire training usually take*?

“Fire training takes one hour to one hour and fifteen minutes.”

*Train-the-trainer takes nine hours.


After the training is over, what’s next?

“When fire training is over, we always ask for a typed list of names, so that all employees and the company all get printed fire training certificates.

The certificates are dated and we will automatically contact you when it’s close to one year since the training to schedule re-certification.”



Hopefully you’ve learned a little bit about the fire training options you have for your employees.

I think if there’s one insight we can all take-away, is the “train-the-trainer” option for corporations. “Train-the-trainer” looks like a great way to keep costs down, stay OSHA compliant, and as a bonus…to increase employee engagement and culture.


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