ABCO Fire Protection location in Bowling Green, Kentucky

ABCO Fire Protection in Bowling Green, KY

ABCO Fire Protection “Services” Bowling Green, KY

As Service Manager Josh Hodges explains “the difference between ABCO Fire Protection and our competitors is that ABCO services all fire safety measures to NFPA and code…where as our competitors slap a tag on it and leave.”

Our most popular request is “Do we do kitchen hood cleaning?” The answer is no 🙁 but installing Shepherd Filters instead of hood cleaning is a cost-effective, more-safer alternative.

When we aren’t installing fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems or Shepherd Filters…you can usually catch us at our two favorite lunch locations:

  1. Novo Dolce – Gastro Pub
  2. Cambridge Market

Fire Protection Services in Bowling Green, KY

Kitchen Fire Safety Services in Bowling Green, KY

Over 100 years of combined fire safety and fire protection experience!

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