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When asking Service Manager, John Fehser, why ABCO Toledo is better than the local competition, he says “We are respectful, personable, and we give advice about fire safety and codes where our competitors just slap a fire tag on equipment and leave”.

The major cities ABCO Fire Protection in Toledo handles are:

When we are handling our most popular request “what is the minimal requirements to stay legal and safe”, you can find us at our favorite lunch spot, San Marcos Restaurant.

Fire Protection Services in Toledo, OH

Kitchen Fire Safety Services in Toledo, OH

Over 190 years of combined fire safety and fire protection experience!

Exclusive Fire Protection Service for Toledo

1) Ship/Boat Fire Protection

In Toledo, boating and docking is a huge market. These boats need fire protection as they protect extremely expensive equipment. Our Toledo branch can install, inspect, fill and repair Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems made specifically for marine operations. ABCO is ABS Certified.

We also fill breathing air containers for ships as well.

Breathing air fill station for boats in Toledo

2) Hydrostatic Fire Extinguisher Testing

ABCO has the special training and equipment to perform 5 and 12 year hydrostatic testing.

5 year – Every 5 years, hydrostatic testing needs to be performed on pressurized water, carbon dioxide and wet chemical fire extinguishers.

12 year – Every 12 years, hydrostatic testing needs to be performed on dry chemical fire extinguishers.

Hydrostatic Fire Extinguisher Testing

3) Custom Fire Extinguisher Fitting and Hoses

ABCO Toledo is a proud distributor for Red Head Brass, which is the leader in high quality fittings used in the firefighting area.

Highlighted products include fittings, adapters and wrenches:

Custom Fit Fire Extinguisher Parts

4) CO2 Filling Tank

ABCO Toledo also has a 28,000 pound CO2 filling tank!

CO2 is used in machines to produce carbonated soft drinks and water.

Also, companies protecting electrical areas will prefer to use CO2 fire extinguishers as opposed to water, which would damage the equipment.

CO2 filling station for soda machines and fire extinguishers

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