3 of the Most Important Qualities of a Fire Protection Company

Posted on by Greg Palya

qualities of a fire protection company include using software to streamline fire protection services


Let’s be honest, every fire protection company has certified technicians. They mostly show up on time, are ethical in the discovery of your fire protection needs, and are generally nice people. And even though having a great fire protection technician is the best way to delight your customers, it isn’t everything.

So why do some fire protection companies soar above the rest?

Today we’ll walk through the three most important qualities of a fire protection company:


1) Speed


When the Fire Marshal says your fire extinguishers are out of date, and you have 7 days to get them inspected, you better know a fire protection company that can come out fast!

The best fire protection companies have plenty of technicians that can change routes and appointments if someone needs an emergency inspection.

Also, the best fire protection companies have highly engaged schedulers and customer service reps that can view technician schedules and find the most efficient way to solve your problem.

Maybe there’s a technician who’s inspecting a business nearby? Maybe your business is on the way home for a technician? There’s always a way to figure out solutions to customer problems.

Another indicator of speed is deficiency identification and resolution. When a part is needed for repair, there’s nothing faster than sending information to purchasing to obtain the part, getting an invoice instantly ready for the customer, and scheduling the repair, all in real-time, without ever leaving the business.

Mainly done through service software, which connects the company and customer, the customer is always aware of what’s being done, how much it costs, when the next appointment is, etc.

The greatest companies are very organized, know technician routes inside and out, and have a digital scheduling platform that reduces risk.


2. Flexibility


Great fire protection companies can be flexible with time and technical expertise.

Time – Maybe your restaurant opens from 11am-10pm? It would be nice to have a technician rummaging through the restaurant when you aren’t busy. Something came up? A reasonable fire protection company can reschedule your service appointment free of charge.

Technical expertise – Regardless of the fire suppression system, a great fire service is certified in the most popular brands. Do you have fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, a restaurant suppression system, an alarm system, and a security system? The good fire protection companies will have technicians that are certified in all areas and brands.


3) Transparency


Being transparent, and having an open, honest relationship is a quality some fire protection companies skip. When you purchase something, you want to be sure the job is done right, and you’re seeing real-time results.

A company who hides this information, is one you can have a hard time trusting.

*Was the hood cleaned very good…and to NFPA standards?

*Was there anything wrong with the fire extinguisher that resulted in a full replacement?

The great fire companies use digital software to improve speed, keep information organized, plan and schedule service, and let you know what the technician did today.

Having transparency allows a company to have:

  • Instant visibility on jobs performed
  • On-demand access to paperwork
  • Detailed deficiency information
  • Ease of overseeing multiple sites
  • Verification that the site manager (and the fire protection company) are handling tasks




The bottom line is that a great fire protection company is second to none in how they work with their customers. They are experts in the disciplines where they provide service. They have an IT platform that is best in class, giving the customer a real-time view into their fire protection assets and services at the properties they manage/own. And, their customer services department takes pride in caring for their customers.

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