The Portal:
A New Dimension in Service

Posted on by Greg Schoenbaechler

A woman at a desk uses the ABCO Fire Customer Portal to view Fire Inspection documents.

Have you signed up for ABCO’s Customer Portal? If not, you’re missing out on one of the best parts of being an ABCO customer. The Portal allows you to access your fire protection profile in an instant, making it easy to see upcoming services, past inspection reports, and important deficiency information whenever needed.

ABCO boasts a customer retention rate of well over 90%, so many of you will remember when we teamed up with ServiceTrade a few years ago. Their software helped us revolutionize the way we interact with our customers, from digital inspection reports, to rapid deficiency alerts and timelier invoicing. Since making the move to digital we’ve been keeping track of customer inspection reports on the cloud, allowing our team to access those reports from literally anywhere with an internet connection. Now the Portal puts the same power in your hands.

At the top of this page, you’ll find a link to the “Customer Portal Login.” Clicking on it will take you to our Customer Portal landing page, where you’ll be invited to create an account. When you fill in the account creation form, be sure to use your business email where you typically receive our inspection reports and other documents. This will ensure you are given access to the proper records in our system. Once our customer service team approves your account, you will be notified and can begin accessing the Portal whenever you’d like.

What if you are responsible for multiple sites? Not a problem—in fact, you’re the customer who benefits most from this new feature. Our inspection reports are filed by Company and Location, which is kind of like the “Bill To” and the “Ship To” when you order something from Amazon. If you’re a contact for a Company (aka a “Bill To”) you’ll have access to all of the Locations (aka “Ship To”) that are connected to that company from one single Portal account. The Portal Dashboard offers several ways to sort through the locations, fire equipment, and jobs, allowing you as much or as little visibility as you’d like.

Customer Portal Multi Locations

Once in the Portal, you have access to all of your ABCO Fire service records for the past 90 days. Inspection reports, photographs, deficiency notifications, and voice memos about critical issues are all available. You’ll even be able to see a photograph and the name of the ABCO technician who performed the service. While invoices are not currently visible in the Portal, they are scheduled to become available to authorized contacts later this year.

Service Link Homepage

In the life safety industry, deficiency identification and correction are of critical importance. In the Customer Portal, jobs with deficiencies are identified with an alert icon on your Dashboard. This allows you to see at a glance which locations and fire protection assets require repairs. Clicking any of these job numbers will bring you to the ServiceLink page, which shows the deficiency in more detail under the “Alert” tab. Like invoices, deficiency repair quotes are scheduled to become available through the Portal in the near future.

Sign up for Portal access today, and feel free to contact our support team if you run into any issues. The Customer Portal is just one more way ABCO ensures we’re doing the most we can for our customers. After all, the award-winning service experience we provide is part of the reason so many have placed Trust In Our Tag for so long.

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