3 Reasons to Try a New Fire Protection Company

Posted on by Greg Palya

Building manager thinking about switching to a new fire protection company

Companies love to stay firm in their ways. They say “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

But shouldn’t a great decision maker be open to alternatives?

Don’t you ask your friends what they pay for their cell phones, how much data they get? And don’t you talk to your close friends about salary, job perks, etc.?

See we are always comparing what we currently have, and comparing it to others. So why doesn’t this happen with companies and the fire protection solutions they choose?

Today, I’m going to explain three reasons why you should try (or at least research) a new fire protection company:

1) Location and Distance

Maybe there are new players who you haven’t thought of before who are closer to your location. Having a fire protection company close means that if you need to purchase an extinguisher, get it inspected, or any emergency requiring prompt service, the company will be close.

Maybe you’ve used the same company for 10 years and aren’t aware of who the local players are?

Location Tip: Go to Google and type in “fire extinguisher service near me” and compare the three companies in your local three pack:

local pack search result for fire protection near me


2) Service Bundles

Many fire protection companies offer more services than just inspecting fire extinguishers. Other services are:

  • Fire alarm installation and inspection
  • Special hazard fire protection
  • Fire sprinkler installation and inspection
  • Video camera and card access systems
  • Kitchen fire safety solutions
  • Emergency signage
  • And much, much more

If you have multiple fire protection needs, it would be in your best interest, both organizationally and financially, to use one vendor.

Bundle Tip – Write down all of your fire and safety needs. Then simply reach out (or check their websites yourself) and ask local fire protection companies if they can cover all your needs. If they don’t, take them off your list!


3) Customer Service

Maya Angelou said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

If you hired a fire protection company, and you feel as if they are there just to take your money (because you HAVE to have fire protection done) then something just isn’t right.

Characteristics of a great fire protection service include:

  • A formal greeting on arrival
  • A flexible schedule (so they can come before/after business hours)
  • An organized list of maintenance completed
  • Electronic paperwork
  • Automatic scheduling for your next appointment
  • Come clean, leave clean
  • Ability to work on multiple branded products
  • A personality of someone who cares about your safety (not about your money)


Change is hard and inconvenient, but if something doesn’t feel right, why not take a shot! The worst that can happen is that the new fire protection company isn’t the right fit, and you simply call your former company back.

It’s not like they won’t take you back!

The worst is not knowing the potentially better options are out there, one whose additional benefits you could’ve been reaping since day one.

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