Card Access Systems

Woman entering building using a card access system

ABCO has partnered with Trico Security to add card access systems to its arsenal of fire and security services.

Trico brings over 60 years of combined experience installing and servicing card access systems for multiple fortune 500 companies.

Our competitive advantage is simple: we install custom built card access systems for any size company or budget with the most immediate service available.

Card Access System Capabilities

  • Create a custom access plan for each room, employee and guest
  • Automatically allow all doors unlock-able in case of fire or emergency
  • Disable access to former employees immediately

Available Card Access Systems

  • Card access (like a credit card)
  • Key fob
  • Key pad
  • Thumbprint
  • Combination of multiple security points

We are excited at ABCO Fire Protection to partner with Trico Security to add security to our fire protection capabilities. We believe that consolidating fire protection and security with one provider, a company can have a great experience in terms of saving money, increased organization and immediate service.

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