Card Access Systems

Woman entering building using a card access system


ABCO Fire Protection has partnered with Trico Security of Broadview Heights, Ohio to install, service, and to manage card access systems nationwide.

We have internal technicians, as well as a network of well-vetted partners throughout the United States.

We specialize in multi-facility clients that would like to standardize security equipment and maintain a “single source of contact” for installation and on-going service.

Trico Security is an authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) for several industry leading card access manufacturers. We specialize in complex enterprise card access applications, especially those involving the integration of IP-based video, smartcards and human resource databases.

Access control allows companies to permit selected individuals at select times to access selected doors, while keeping track of who went where and when.

Most companies rely on card access systems as they provide a cost savings to re-keying locks when employee turnover occurs. Instead, a simple click of the mouse denies access to all doors immediately.


Card access security systems are comprised of the following:

  • Biometric readers (fingerprints or retina scanners)
  • Access cards, proximity cards, or HID cards
  • Keyless or door entry systems
  • Swipe card security systems


fingerprint security system


Frequently Asked Questions


How much do card access security systems cost?

You could get one keypad for around $200, or a business wide key fob system for around $1000, but there are many backend features, such as:

  • Monitoring alerts when a door has been open too long
  • Alerts when power to the card access system is lost
  • Reporting features such as number of transactions, ranges of time, ranges of dates, etc.

Depending on what the situation calls for will influence the price, but we just wanted to provide a ballpark base.


What card access system options do companies have?

  • You can choose Biometric readers (fingerprints or retina scanners),access cards, proximity cards, HID cards, keyless entry, or swipe card security systems.
  • You can choose the amount of doors with access control locks on them.
  • You can choose the depth of reporting.
  • You can choose to upgrade an older system, create a new security system, or add onto an existing card access system.

But the most important question is…what does the situation call for? Everyone has a different amount of employees, a different amount of turnover, different assets to protect and different levels of security access. Talk with our security technicians and we will develop a custom designed solution that’s fits your needs.


Key fob security access system


What types of maintenance is required?

We offer service contracts that will cover everything you’ll ever need, including:

  • Maintenance – anytime a card access system is damaged, needs replaced or needs moved
  • Technical support – anytime the system stops working
  • Software upgrades – we’ll upgrade you when updates arrive, and also make sure the system is working like normal after
  • Employee training – we will work hand-in-hand with your building manager (or anyone else who handles security) and provide training on everything they’ll need to know


What about bandwidth and storage?

When we develop a card access system, we’ll develop a network free from your internal network, so bandwidth is never an issue.

Storage of data is custom to your security needs. Our systems can hold data as long as you need them. Whether it be one week, one month, or an entire year.


How does a business get started with a card access security system?

Give us a call, or simply fill out the form on the right and we’ll contact you within 24 hours. What we’d love to do is ask you a few questions about what you’re looking for, and then we’ll schedule a site visit, where we can view the location and develop a solution just for your company.

Then we’ll sit down at our facility (if feasible) and show you a demo of your card access system. Then we’ll answer any questions and move onto next steps.

We look forward to meeting you!