CCTV Systems

Technician installing a CCTV System


With ABCO’s partnership of Trico Security in Broadview Heights, OH, we are excited to add CCTV systems to our available fire protection and security services.

Trico has over 60 years of combined experience in CCTV installation, inspection and service. What makes Trico the perfect fit is that they have incredible service, which is what ABCO prides itself most on.


What is CCTV?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. Companies use CCTV security systems to monitor areas after hours, or areas in which highly valuable assets are located to protect themselves from theft.


Who uses CCTV security systems?

Companies that use CCTV security systems include manufacturing, commercial, retail, daycares, schools, healthcare, oil/gas…and many others. Any company who needs to monitor traffic or expensive assets is a candidate for a CCTV security system.


Why do companies install CCTV systems?

The buzz word in the industry is “situational awareness”. Meaning that a company will install a CCTV security system to be aware of any situation worth monitoring. Situations worth monitoring are:

  • Protecting damage of expensive assets (equipment, machines, vehicles, etc.)
  • Theft of expensive assets
  • Production lines
  • Training procedures


What CCTV system options do companies have?

There are many options, but the most important question to ask is: “What does the situation call for?”

If a business has a system already installed, and they are looking at upgrading, we can remove the current cameras, install brand new 1080p, Full IP, megapixel cameras that will retrofit into your existing coaxial cable line. All of our cameras play on the ONVIF system (Avigilon, Axis, Samsung, Panasonic, etc.)

If a business wants to install a brand new CCTV security system, we will start with a site assessment to identify what you are trying to monitor, and then give you available options.  Some cameras offer audio capabilities, some offer 360 degree coverage of a room, some offer 1080p clarity at 25 feet, 50 feet, or 100 feet…it’s all customized into solving your security needs.



What does a CCTV system cost?

There is no limit to the cost of a CCTV system. We have installed projects that have 55 cameras, 24TB of storage that’re capable of viewing any situation that occurred in the past 6 weeks.

We have also installed systems with only 4 cameras that can cover 99% of a facility inside and outside. It just all depends on “what the situation calls for”.


What about bandwidth and storage?

When we install a CCTV security system, we develop a network free from the internal network, so bandwidth is never an issue.

Storage capacity is unlimited. We can develop systems that can keep recordings for 1 week, 1 month or 1 year. It all depends on “what the situation calls for”.


What kind of service contract is involved with a CCTV system?

Full service contracts include:

  • Maintenance – anytime a camera goes offline, is damaged, needs cleaned,  replaced, or moved.
  • Technical support – camera won’t show up on your phone, computer, won’t record or you need help with the software.
  • Software upgrades – we will upgrade your system to the most current version. We will also make sure the entire system is working correctly after the upgrade is implemented.
  • Employee training – we provide hands on training for anyone who is going to deal with the cameras or software.

Most service contracts are semi-annual, but depending on your situation, we may come out more or less than 6 months.


If I get a CCTV security system installed, can I write it off on my taxes?


“The Security Industry Association (SIA) led a coalition of industry groups urging negotiators to accept a Senate-backed provision for tax reform to expand deductions under Section 179 of the IRS tax code, which empowers businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year.

The sweeping tax bill, signed into law Dec. 22, permanently expands eligibility for deductions to fire protection, alarm and security systems, along with other equipment, placed in service in 2018 and beyond.”



How does a business get started with a CCTV security system?

Please fill out the form on the right and we will contact you within 24 hours. We will have a conversation about your unique security needs, and the different options there are to solve them.

Then we will schedule a site visit to get to learn more about your facility and the nuts and bolts about installation.

Then we will bring you into our office to setup a demo and answer any other questions.

We look forward to meeting you!