25 Questions to Jump-Start your Special Hazard Fire Protection Project

Posted on by Greg Palya


Engineer considering which special hazard fire protection solution to go with


Protecting your investments is everything. And with your special hazard, this couldn’t be more true.

It’s important to know that you’re one human mistake, one miscalculation, or one completely random error away from losing what you’ve invested so much into.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 25 questions you should answer before beginning your special hazard fire protection project. Let’s dive in:

Math and Financing Questions

You’re probably about to invest millions to protect this special hazard, certainly all the finances need to add up…today and 5 years down the road:

1. How much value is the asset you are trying to protect worth?
2. Does the value of the asset increase/decrease over time?
3. How much are you willing to spend on a special hazard solution?
4. Can you add a special hazard solution to a current fire protection plan you already have?
5. Can we afford the installation, service and inspections?

Choosing the Right Company

Just like who protects your house when you go on vacation, there are some questions that need to be answered about whose going to provide fire protection to this investment:

6. Will the selected company be able to come up with a custom solution that isn’t a one-size-fits-all?
7. Will the company be able to service, maintain, upgrade and monitor the system after installation?
8. Does the company have experience in designing special hazard fire protection systems?
9. How is the company’s reputation?
10. Does the company have comparable case studies that are similar to your solution?

Choosing the Right Solution

Oil protects your car from overheating, so why would you replace the entire transmission when a simple oil change is all that’s needed? Same scenario can happen with your fire protection system and your special hazard:

11. Is this the right solution, or the most expensive?
12. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each solution?
13. Is there more than one solution to choose from?
14. Are there cheaper alternative solutions?
15. Can another company do this for me?

Safety Measures and Ongoing Training

You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari without knowing how much your insurance is going to go up…or if there was a special school to teach you how to drive it, would you? Ok, if you’re buying a Ferrari, I guess not!

But if you’re trying to protect your server room, you might need some safety and training measures in-between inspections:

16. After installation, is ongoing training available?
17. Are there monthly inspections that need to be done in-between certified semi-annual inspections?
18. Any additional safety equipment needed?
19. How many people will have to know/inspect our new special hazard solution?
20. Is there live-training available?

The Extras

Just a few extra questions to make sure you’re making a smart decision:

21. If I choose NOT to install a special hazard fire protection system, how much downtime will be required till I’m back at full capacity again?
22. What are the insurance, local and national safety codes I need to stand by?
23. Are all designers and engineers on the project NICET-certified to the highest level?
24. Is the company local…in case I have questions/concerns that need to be handled in-person?
25. Are inspections pre-scheduled, with the results on a secure online platform, so that it’s one less concern to worry about?


Hopefully these questions help you kick-start your special hazard fire protection solution. I know weighing the pros and cons of solutions is tough, but it’s definitely worth your time. I know a wind turbine burning down is a $4M loss…hopefully they have insurance!

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