At ABCO, we believe acknowledging the impact of our actions on the environment is our responsibility as global citizens. To that end we have made a strong commitment to efficiency and sustainability, and work to provide our customers with products that achieve their sustainability goals as well.

After all, fire protection is one of the oldest sustainability-related businesses in existence. Protecting property has been one of our industry’s goals for the past 150+ years, but it wasn’t until recently that we began to understand how important property protection is to sustaining our environment. A recent study found that greenhouse gases released by a burning building were reduced by 98% when fire sprinklers were present, and ongoing studies are looking into the overall impact of structure fires on our local and global ecosystems.

From providing full-service in-house wind turbine fire protection, to environmentally-friendly firefighting foam testing products, to our own internal green initiatives–we’re ready to protect your business while keeping our collective environmental responsibility in mind. Read on to find out why our customers Trust In Our Tag when it comes to sustainable fire protection.

ABCO Fire offers full-service in-house wind turbine fire protection throughout the United States
Wind Turbine Fire Protection – Towering hundreds of feet above the ground, wind turbines turn the mechanical energy of wind into electricity. Fires in wind turbine nacelles can be disastrous: they’re too tall for fire departments to reach, large pieces of flaming debris can fall from them, and they are costly to replace. Fortunately ABCO can help prevent these disasters, being home to one of the few fully in-house teams of wind turbine fire protection technicians. Read about it here.

ABCO offers full foam system installation and service, including environmentally-friendly charge and test foam options.
Environmentally-Preferable Foam Fire Suppression Options – Foam is the best fire suppression agent for a number of hazards, but un-collected foam run-off has been linked to groundwater contamination. ABCO is proud to offer Solberg Re-Healing Foam from Janus Fire Systems, an environmentally-friendly AFFF foam that won the President’s Green Chemistry Challenge. We also offer Planit Safe foam system testing concentrate, an environmentally harmless liquid that can be used to test existing foam systems. Contact us for more.

WoolGuard Long logo for website
WoolGuard Hood Filters, the Sustainable Alternative to Hood Cleaning – An average commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning uses over 300 gallons of water and 15 gallons of caustic chemical. WoolGuard Hood Filters, on the other hand, use a 100% natural wool sheet to collect grease before it enters the hood and duct. Learn more here.