Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Intermodal Transportation ABCO Fire Protection


ABCO Fire Protection installs, inspects, certifies, trains and provides standardization to vehicle fire suppression systems. Whether you need fire protection for one vehicle, or 20 vehicles and you need a custom fire solution for each one, you came to the right place.

Vehicle Fire Suppression for Slag Industry

When steel yards melt metal, a material known as “slag” rises to the top of the molten metal. Slag needs to be removed from the remaining metal in order for steel to be as strong as possible. Disposing molten slag with a slag hauler, which has flammable hydraulic fluid, creates a fire safety hazard.

Vehicle Fire Suppression for Intermodal Transportation

Ramp service providers use mi-jack crains to move containers from boat to trains, and trains to semi’s. Certainly any interruption in transportation delays scheduling for many, many outlets. Which is why fire suppression for these crains is super important!

Vehicle Fire Suppression for Buses

Buses transport students to school, while not being driven in the most hazardous of conditions, there is still a market to make sure these buses are safe when driving precious cargo. Whether you have five buses, or 200, we can provide a simple solution to keep them all up to NFPA code.

Fire Suppression System Standardization

  • We can provide a standard list of replacement parts and recharge materials at pre-determined prices
  • We can provide standardized charges for emergency call outs, machine inspections, truck charges, etc.
  • Call one number for prompt service
  • Access to ServiceTrade reporting. Puts you in the drivers seat in better understanding your liabilities and enabling you to proactively take action to mitigate fire related issues.
  • Puts your company and ABCO in a better position to negotiate prices with fire system manufacturers based on increased purchases.

Why Choose ABCO Fire Protection?

  • 30+ technicians that are ANSUL-certified for vehicle fire suppression
  • Able to sell and service multiple brands: Kidde, FireTrace, Dafo USA, Amarex and Fireboy
  • Belong to the National Slag Association
  • We standardize vehicle fire systems and provide custom fire solution